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Juan Jose Iglesias

Perhaps what you said is true in 1 of every 10 countries in the world; What is the purpose them to have map Creator program if you can only move some roads and place Hamburger vending places?

I don’t know yet the first inventory in Latin America of Speed Bumps, Dips, Traffic Lights, Fords or Perhaps Speed Cameras. Some in India could not be “More Accurate” that the local guide who live in the backyard of the maps.

My Country has officially more than 24 Thousand populated centres from Hamlets to Cities spread all over the country. So far less than 500 are properly located in HERE, and several of those are Duplicated; so who will have this corrected? the guy in India, checking the map, perhaps 90 days after somebody reported a Map Problem?

If you want to have a decent GPS map the first thing that you need is to trace a CORRECT Map and not just trace lines through Glaziers, Ridges, Jungles or Deserts just becuase you “Guess” that something that looks like a “road” in an aerial image is actually a “real road”

If local knowledge is forbidden to “Really” update the Here map with meaningful data, What is the purpose of the program them?