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James Barton

Glad you were able to fix the mapping errors.

I’d noticed that the BCS were saying Durham, and that your picture was actually theirs. I appreciate that you were just passing on their information – so it is really them that I was getting at with the photo. If I had thought I was going to a conference in Durham and found I was over half an hour away, not able to have a wander round without a car or taxi ride, I’d be upset!

The gripe I have with HERE is the location of POIs.

I would happily upload photos of Durham, but I don’t have any of the conference venue.

The Upload Images button in this Discussion board does not work. I can’t see an editing menu in this board.

I see there is a possibility of uploading photos to individual POIs in the map creator, if that is what you meant. (I’ve uploaded a few to the cathedral. )

I have just been side tracked by looking for a POI to upload a photo to, only to find out that even the Cathedral was in the wrong place! And in three languages in different places. Thank goodness for Google translate. I’ve just spent 30 minutes correcting the OBVIOUS complete errors, merging POIs of the same thing in different languages or slightly different categories, deleting duplicates and things that are so far away from where they ought to be that it is ludicrous. Removing the shops I know have closed years ago. Something from Jarrow – on the Tyne about 20 miles away; a shop in Bearpark, one of the villages several miles out, and so on. Colleges, cafes and museums were in the wrong places. There are shops, cafes and bars throughout the centre that are not in the right place, but without being there I could not be sure where to put them accurately. Some that were a long way off I have just shifted to an approximate place ON THE RIGHT STREET! . It would be a full time job just fixing the utter rubbish that is in there.