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Claire Robinson

Hi Gordon, and all.
Firstly thank you very much Gordon for your initial post and for raising this discussion. Your post is spot on to our specifications and the accompanying pictures are also great examples…
Mike – you raise a good point about the functionality of adding steps is indeed currently missing. To elaborate on Ben’s point – we do currently hold a large number of the stairs attribute in our database in all of the major UK and Ireland cities. These have been field collected over the last few years and continue to be included if found during fieldwork into our core database. Unfortunately we are still working on adding them in to Map Creator, and indeed the functionality for them to become visible and editable for users. rest assured, if using HERE WeGo, these will be taken into account when pedestrian routing.
It’s a watch this space at the moment for the inclusion of steps, along with other mapping attributes – I’d suggest when coding a walkway, to also drop a Discussion Board post too outlining the walkway also contains steps, perhaps attaching a picture also to the post, as a work around at this point.
We do take pedestrian and disabled routing seriously, and can understand the need for users to make edits also for these reasons.
Thanks again all!