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Map Creator Not Working
John Powell
John Powell I think I have worked out why the thickness of the roads is too wide, it is because when you zoom in or out the thickness of the line stays the same. It used to change with the zoom level. Maybe that
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Entire estate is missing for over 2 years
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison Just by accident I found that unit numbers can be added by use of the "-" between the street number and the unit number. This allows the "official address" to be added but I am not sure how many peopl
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Banjo Paterson Bridge
Shona Chisholm
Shona Chisholm Hi Daryl, As Kevin mentioned, HERE is mapping reality for in-car navigation and many other uses that require accurate mapping, so the bridge you've added will be removed by our moderators. Kevin's su
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How to draw a road with a curb in the middle
bla bling
bla bling The median has been encoded on the map - shown as a black dotted line in the middle of the road. You cannot add or edit this information in Map Creator, but if you find an information that is not disp
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Tips And Tricks To Master The Game
markola eric
markola eric run 3 It's amazing to be here with everyone; I've gained a lot of knowledge from what you've shared, and I'd like to express my gratitude; the information and expert
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Try looking at the pictures on the map
Bernice Sparkes
Bernice Sparkes Hi John, This road is confirmed in our database now! thanks. There was a delay due to this area being part of the scheduled updates for TSRC project.
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Disapointed (still) how long it takes the latest map data to reach the end user.
jose anderson
GPS Errors
Ewan Lewis
Ewan Lewis Thanks Shona. It is a fascinating question. Curiosity got the better of me this evening & I found this item from the Waze / Google folk. I mentio
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Boudary Road Bridge
Shona Chisholm
Shona Chisholm Hi Vincent, This area will be updated as per your feedback - however changes may not reflect immediately in Map Creator due to certain processes with major roads. Appreciate your feedback on this - th
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Ford Sync 3 mapping Australia.
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison Dino, the best I can obtain is that "Whereis" is a directory program not a mapping program and it is based on "Open Street Map" data that appears to be several versions behind the current Google Maps
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Try looking at the pictures up loaded to the map
John Perry
John Perry,151.9827005,3a,26.1y,324.33h,84.91t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s1l6cnCdSayglTZ2jxLZt5A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 i could be wrong but it looks like a dead end road to me
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no entry
John Perry
John Perry,-Withcott-QLD-4352,-Australia:-27.56493,151.99962/Warrego-Hwy,-Withcott-QLD-4352,-Australia:-27.56474,151.99972?map=-27.56473,151.99972,19,&msg=War
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Incorrect name of a Road
hela inamcelmury
hela inamcelmury I am also a very gambling man, and every time I come to some country I go straight to the casino, but until I find it on these maps all my desire to play is gone. Now I do not travel for the sake of t
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Why will they not update this incorrectly named street?
Shona Chisholm
Shona Chisholm Hi Michal, our official abbreviation for Close is Clos - doesn't quite make sense in English, but we have a full list of abbreviations including all other languages around the world, so that's the one
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Speed limit changes
lucky suka
lucky suka Thank you for your post. I have read through several similar topics! However, your article gave me a very special impression, unlike other articles. I hope you continue to have valuable articles like
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