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One Way Street
hela inamcelmury
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Incorrect name of a Road
hela inamcelmury
hela inamcelmury I am also a very gambling man, and every time I come to some country I go straight to the casino, but until I find it on these maps all my desire to play is gone. Now I do not travel for the sake of t
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how can I add our company to the place
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison You obviously do not realise that Here Technology is not Google but it's Biggest competitor that is used by most automotive GPS systems.
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Spring St, Hight St, Cheddar Rd intersection
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison The virus has put a scare through every one, apparently a case was identified on the same floor of the Here office and they have all moved to working from home. I guess the HereWeGo team just fixed i
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Criteria for Places in Here Maps
Lily F
Lily F Hi Kevin, Hi John, Thank you for your replies. They give me a better understanding of the Mapcreator. Kevin has a good point considering what Here maps are used for focusing on roads and mapping make
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Are assignment services illegal or not
Lily Collins
Mazda Australia
John Powell
John Powell see my latest post
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Showing Events a Places
Shona Chisholm
Shona Chisholm Hi John (& John)! A lot of events get recorded as places form our social media feeds, but it's OK to remove them if it's obviously not a place. thanks!
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its a shame they can not see pictures uploaded
José Flor – OzFlor
José Flor – OzFlor You can create an account with to upload photos.
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19 kph speed limits
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison Like I said it was my mistake when I created the Garmin Custom gpi POI file, nothing to do with Here, I did not change the default from speed to distance and it took 19kph. Unfortunately I copied the
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Why is this not available when searching in herewego?
Oceania Community
Oceania Community Hi Sijan, as Kevin said it's a separate database. The edits from MapCreator go through a moderation process before being accepted into the map platform that HERE We Go utilizes. I can't give an exact
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Disapointed (still) how long it takes the latest map data to reach the end user.
Leo Wings
Leo Wings Hi Bernice, Thank you for the replay and a long time since we last spoke; hope you're still doing well? I understand and appreciate what you are saying as far as the process to the end-user. I can s
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New roundabout
Shona Chisholm
Shona Chisholm thanks Cameron - this has been added now.
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Private Access not a Public Road
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison There are many "country driveways" shown in Mapcreator in our area I have noticed people have installed "No through Rd" signs on some of them. The only thing is it is difficult to identify especially
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POI Core vs Extended
Bernice Stalley
Bernice Stalley HERE uses a number of different collection methods and sources for Places datasets within Map Creator. The 'Core' places are those that are within our core database, and 'Extended' are additional data
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