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This is a road for local traffic only, see GPX data
Siniša Miklaužić
Siniša Miklaužić Thanks Thomas, We update the map according your feedback Best regards, Siniša
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Feedbackfunktion funktioniert derzeit nicht, oder?
Andreas Herger
Andreas Herger Hallo Julia, Danke für Deinen Hinweis, es ist alles bei uns angekommen und wir arbeiten daran. Eric hat sich sicher schon mit Dir in Verbindung gesetzt :) Vielen Dank noch einmal für den Hinweis!
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Does not exist any more!
Ante Sladojevic
Ante Sladojevic Hi Nebojša, Thanks for your feedback. i did not understand what has moved to Bosnian side border crossing or building. This would help us a lot to imporve our map database. Feel free to send any o
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hoteli Solaris one way missing
Tomica Visinski
Tomica Visinski Hi Milan, We corrected the area around Solaris Camping Beach based on your feedback and our quality checks. Feel free to send any other issues that you find or try to correct them on your own with ou
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New Zagreb terminal missing!!
Tomica Visinski
Tomica Visinski Hi Hans, Sorry for late response on this topic. Zagreb airport terminal and surrounding road infrastructure is implemented into our database. We followed the official opening date and our team was t
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