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How much time required to publish en edit ?
Bjarne Dein
Bjarne Dein Hi HERE, What can be done to speed this up? And next: What will you do to make it happen?
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Editing multiple “roads”
Department of Municipalities and Transport Abu Dhabi
Department of Municipalities and Transport Abu Dhabi Dear Jan, Is there a way to select all the segments of the same road by attribute say "road_name". The SHIFT+selection works but we loose all the selections if one wrong click is made. We have most of
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How to add a new village or city to map?
Katrina Tutberidze
Katrina Tutberidze Very helpful! Thank you! Most of these links have been very helpful to me!
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Edits not showing on map
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Corrected phone numbers are always reverted
D. Beu
D. Beu Editing one by one is not an option indeed, but when you edit the Place info (like email address, website, opening hours etc.) AND you correct the phone number your whole edit will be rejected. So lot
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How time update in Here wego will takes ?
Uğurcan Uğur
Uğurcan Uğur Maybe never. They don't reply, they don't care, they work extremely slow. I made dozens of edits. Only couple feedbacks I could get. HERE doesn't care the customer
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Bug: clicking on a place leads to “Position changed”
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the issue. Could you please delete your browser cache and try again? Thanks, Jan
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When are updates pushed from Map Creator to Here Wego?
Uğurcan Uğur
Uğurcan Uğur Basically... Never... I wait for months... No feedback, no update
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Here – Map creator and other work
Mihael Trankovski
Mihael Trankovski thank you , then the moderators should be replaced because they are not doing their job as they should and a force majeure should be notified to settle the matter
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Daily Reports
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) No, we do not provide such info via Map Creator.
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HERE We Go Map update after changes made in Map Creator
D. Beuken
D. Beuken @Jan I have the same experience like Batu. Correct map changes will be reverted and very, very old obsolete information will be put back. There is something completely wrong in your process of submitt
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Loading ArcGIS map service by using HERE API
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Road Closure Layer not working
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Angola – Updates missing – Bad service
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POIs in Antalya (Turkey) is a mess
Ferah Pırlanta Köksal
Ferah Pırlanta Köksal Hello, thanks for the comment. You can delete the places that do not exist anymore. We will also take a look into this with HERE Community Turkey. I will send you an email about the details and please
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