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Road types
Владимир Гальченко
Владимир Гальченко I mean another problem. Map creator does not have one road type in the edit panel. Highway is a pink road. Local access is a bright-yellow road. Residential is a white road. Pedestrian is a grey road
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Do Mazda CX-9 have issues?
degapi 8929
degapi 8929 Thanks for your article. One other thing is that if you are disposing your property by yourself, one of the difficulties you need to be conscious of upfront is how to deal with household inspection re
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Add restrictions for motorbikes (e.g. banned at weekends)
Jan HERE Hi Oliver, this is a very nice idea and would be a great improvement for our products. So far our core database does not support such attributes and that is the reason why we do not collect them in Ma
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Direzioni stradali scomode Facebook
Paolo Rigato
Paolo Rigato Buongiorno Pierluigi, Grazie per il tuo messaggio e perdona il ritardo nella risposta. Possiamo senz'altro verificare e, qualora vi siano delle azioni correttive utili da parte di HERE, passare le in
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Waiting for GPS after upgrade to Android 10
Mika Myrberg
Mika Myrberg Same here. I have xiaomi mi 9T and after I installed android 10 to my phone the Here maps stopped working. It is waiting GPS forever. Only way to go forward is to head back, what means installing the
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How to show an image overlay on the map in an android app.
rtyguihhu tgfghjnjui
rtyguihhu tgfghjnjui 툰코주소 has made me a webtoon addict! It's amazing how many genres and stories are available at my fingertips.
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Issues when multiple road segments are edited at the same time.
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Thank you for your report. We will look into the issues.
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Adding speed cameras
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) At the moment we have no option to add Speed Cameras. The help section needs to be updated. This is in progress.
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Kenur Kere
Kenur Kere Hi. I would recommend checking out for tips on how to organise cocktail parties in educational institutions. There you can find useful tips on choosi
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I can’t find Japan or South Korea in map download
Jan HERE As of legal and technical reasons Japan and South Korea are not enabled for editing in Map Creator.
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Have you ever been to a St. Vincent’s?
Albert  Vega
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Create 3D buildings
Dinga Du
Dinga Du Experience the epitome of elegance and durability with Marietta Hardwood Floor Installation services offered by GM Remodeling Services. Elevate the ambiance of your space with timeless beauty and unma
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Core and extended places
Mike Serikov
Mike Serikov Thanks, I got it. But where can I find assessment points for this verification? What do I need to become 'core' located?
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How time update in Here wego will takes ?
Uğurcan Uğur
Uğurcan Uğur Maybe never. They don't reply, they don't care, they work extremely slow. I made dozens of edits. Only couple feedbacks I could get. HERE doesn't care the customer
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Issue when editing turn restrictions
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