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Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Please use the editing tools or the Map Feedback functionality of Map Creator to report the changes in your area. Our map experts will review them and make the necessary changes to the map.
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Incorrect Address in my Ford Sync Navigation and Here on the website
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Implementing Minimal Medical Office Child Care: Ensuring Safety
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I just had 100s of map edits requests (with photo proof) reverted
brandon hong
brandon hong This article is really amazing i hope we will see again this type of article in future.
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I Have a Bunch Of PDF Documents How Can Merged Into One Document?
Zoya Shah
Zoya Shah Stay refreshed with our promotional travel mugs while exploring how to merge a bunch of PDF documents into one. These mugs k
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I couldn’t sign in Here WeGo maps in Chrome
Rebecca Dobson
Rebecca Dobson Clear your browser's cache and cookies, and then try signing in again. Try using a different web browser to sign in. Check if there are any updates available for your current web browser, and if so, i
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I can’t find Japan or South Korea in map download
Jan HERE As of legal and technical reasons Japan and South Korea are not enabled for editing in Map Creator.
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How would I overlay Image on Map for flutter.
Billy  Barnes
Billy Barnes To implement a bounded image overlay on a map in Flutter that can be zoomed in, zoomed out, and rotated with the map, you can use the flutter_map package along with the flutter_image_overlay package.
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How to turn location 'core'?
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Please see to get a description for Core and extended Places.
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How to show an image overlay on the map in an android app.
Guaumod io
Guaumod io If you love android apps, you should try this app:
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how to save .json file
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Good news. Your geojson will now saved automatically after loading and you will see it again in your next MC session.
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How to recover Password from Outlook PST file?
Emily Cooper
Emily Cooper Recovering a password from an Outlook PST file is crucial when access to important emails and data is restricted due to forgotten or lost passwords. The Weeom PST Password Recovery tool efficiently ad
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How to put off the map road lines when looking at sattillite imagery
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison Fantastic I was wondering the issue had ben considered, Satellite view should not include mapping and maybe a Hybrid view would overlay both mapping and satellite but ctrl/alt +/- is a big improvement
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How to PST password retrieval?
RysticJo Urneyer
RysticJo Urneyer If you want to retrieve passwords from PST files, I suggest using the Softaken PST Password Recovery Software. This amazing technology can recover passwords that can be retrieved using the PST passwor
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How to Post?
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Map Creator Discussion Board for users   How to access the discussion board                                        
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