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Roland Hanbury
Roland Hanbury I know this is an old post, but in case others come across it. I'm no expert but I believe the correct thing is to show it as a road but tick the box "Local vehicular traffic only" under road access.
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Project EV
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Introducing your new UK and Ireland Map Masters…
Claire 4HERE
Claire 4HERE Thanks Terry. John I believe you are now liaising with my colleague Ben. We try to offer a unique local contact outreach for our community, as you can imagine we deal with 1000's of users. Apologies f
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Again Duplicate Roads on Acceptance
Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)
Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador) Stephen as you can see its a mess again, missing roads and phantom roads appeared. I have sent an email to the highest person I know at HERE (Sr. Geographic Analyst) and see what they can do about it.
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Missing Mini Roundabouts
Stephen Dadda
Stephen Dadda The road layout for the two Windermere Avenue Southampton roundabouts at the junctions of Mansel Road West and Green Lane highlighted earlier in this thread are now correct and all junctions connected
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Postcode is wrong for Bell Close!!!
Ben (HERE Moderator)
Ben (HERE Moderator) Hi Jim I'm glad it has been fixed! I'm sorry it took so long. Thanks Ben
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Incorrect Speed Limits causes accidents
BArry Green
BArry Green I am grateful, confused and overwhelmed, and today I planned to complete my belated tax return. A couple of weeks ago I drove A404 northwards late one night and there was a long lane blockage from the
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A489, Newtown
Ben (HERE Moderator)
Ben (HERE Moderator) Hi Richard, Ive informed Vikash that you have GPS traces and he will now endorse any changes taht you make around the bypass. At the moment at our end we have no recent imagery showing the bypass an
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Updating Road Priorities in Rural Areas
Andrew Gransden
Andrew Gransden I totally agree with Mike's suggestion of being able to see the average speeds set for roads in addition to the speed limits. Note: There is a bug in Map Creator that after cancelling Speed Limits ov
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Missing Fuel + shop
Peter Wells
Peter Wells One month on and McD + filling station in Sparkford, village pub and shop in North Cadbury are still missing..
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New build development – add road / postocde
Ben (HERE Moderator)
Ben (HERE Moderator) Hi Mark, i checked and the postcode is not currently in our database. Therefore it will be added in the next HERE postcode update. These are not made as frequently as road updates but should appea
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Peter Wells
Peter Wells Wow! some success! I'd noticed that things that I had expanded to look at were showing in "your stuff" which is a new, and for me, unwanted development. I've asked mapcreatorUK if this is correct.
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How to Map a Footpath
Claire Robinson
Claire Robinson Hi Gordon, and all. Firstly thank you very much Gordon for your initial post and for raising this discussion. Your post is spot on to our specifications and the accompanying pictures are also great ex
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Valid Changes to B9138 rejected and resubmitted
Andrew Gransden
Andrew Gransden Again the corrections to the B9138 I submitted have been rejected outright by a so-called HERE Professional. These actions are entirely unacceptable as its keeps ignoring local knowledge of this narro
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Pedestrian Path over Humber Bridge
Peter Smurthwaite
Peter Smurthwaite Hi Ben, Thanks very much for that, I look forward to using it when it goes live and I cycle over the bridge. Cheers - Peter
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Place Labels
Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland
Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland Hi all, Thanks for your post on this. You have indeed come to the correct conclusion that these places are derived and supplied from other sources. We are aware of the issues, and appreciate your comm
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Map Updates – Timescale for Going Live
Simon Whight
Simon Whight Well this explains things. I've been hammering Amazon Logistics to get my address mapped correctly (currently delivers across town for some reason), am promised that the changes will propagate in 24/4
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Disused Overgrown Road – Professional Keeps Setting 60mph Limit???
Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland
Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland Ok, thanks Andrew, I had assumed you had already done this.
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