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Complete A11 missing in map update West-Europe 2018.20
Map Creator Benelux
Map Creator Benelux Hi Jean-Pierre, I understand your frustration but unfortunately we don't have any control over how often the car manufacturers release an "update" to their clients. The changes/edits you did should b
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Assistance needed for setting up bicycle path in Map Creator
Rudy B
Rudy B Perfect ! Thanks!
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bad image
Alicja HERE
Alicja HERE Thank you Gordon for replying! That's right., however the alternate satellite provides the freshest ( not always the clearest) imagery. Dirk, if you know where exactly in a new building, you can add i
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Do people that review our edits have access to the images in our Geospace ?
Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)
Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador) HERE moderation staff should have access to all images you upload but whether they look at them is a completely different matter. I have done the same in some situations and each time they seem to ign
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How should we code a road that is blocked on one side ?
Rudy B
Rudy B I see that since my post last evening GORDON changed it back to trail. As a strange result my feed seems to have received the status 'under review' again. even though I did not change anything . Is i
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Speed limits not showing in Garmin (latest update) + wrong pronunciation of name
Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)
Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador) check that your map also has the phoneme file as that has the pronouciation data in it, if you do not have that then device will read out the default name which will sound different. Plus each phoneme
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Edit do not show up in my 'your stuff'
Rudy B
Rudy B Thanks Gordon, As far as I can tell, all my edits (including the problem edits) have been saved. They can be seen in the Map Creator maps. The problem edits were done saturday. I have since then logg
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Added trail
Chloe Beerten
Chloe Beerten Hi Christopher, thanks for your reply. I understand, but what is the difference between both so I can select the right one?
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Connection broken
Alicja MC
Alicja MC Dear Daan, I believe it's been fixed now. I see no broken connection. Greetings, Alicja
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bridge IJzerlaanbrug – Menneslaan demolished/removed
Map Creator Benelux
Map Creator Benelux Dear Vincent, Thank you for your message. If you couldn't delete the road segment it is probably "high precision" indeed. There is a small button on the bottom right corner, which allows you to mark
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Wrong search results
Jens Jakobus van den Hout
Jens Jakobus van den Hout Hello Daan, The ticket has been resolved and the municipal border was corrected. Thanks for the information! We wish you a good day and kind regards, Jens
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Add speedcameras
Pascal Lenaerts
Pascal Lenaerts Hi there, speedcams would indeed be a very nice option (My Volvo XC60 , which uses HERE maps, would be thankful :-))
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Cycling highway – removed after newly added?
Map Creator Benelux
Map Creator Benelux Dear Thomas, Thank you for your feedback! We will surely look into this case. Greetings, Alicja
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One Way
Jimmy Knuyt
Jimmy Knuyt Ik heb ook een reeks wijzigingen doorgevoerd, en merk net op dat vele terug gezet zijn naar de oude waarden...
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Eric Oeder
Eric Oeder ok, now I see. I will create a ticket for the Core Map team who will digitize the area accordingly. Once done I´ll let you know.
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