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Map Creator tricks
Ingrid HERE
Ingrid HERE While editing, it is possible to change the transparency of the roads layer. Use these combinations: Ctrl+Alt+"+" ja Ctrl+Alt+"-" and you will be able to take a peek at the underlying aerial imagery :
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Unmaintained road
Natalia Krivenok
Natalia Krivenok Hi Vilius, i'm confirmed attribute for the road segment that You have set. Due to current coding in Database this segment will be avoided for navigation. thank you!
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Terminated turn
Tamás Máthé
Tamás Máthé Hello Vilius, Thanks for your feedback. We removed the mentioned turn possibility, and the changes will soon be available in our products. Best regards, Tamás Máthé HERE Team
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English name
Arturs Zvaigzne
Arturs Zvaigzne Thank you for your valuable feedback. We have added Ferry terminal name in 18 different languages. Should be available shortly. Kind Regards, Arturs
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exit from Juragiai
Ingrid Jarve
Ingrid Jarve Hi Kestas! Thanks for information, the connection has now been added.
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Kaimo pavadinimas
Ingrid HERE
Ingrid HERE Hi Kestas, Thanks for your suggestion. We have now added here a hamlet place with the name Plenta. The name you see on the road is not added as a place name, but related to addressing. There are addre
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Ingrid HERE
Ingrid HERE Hi Kestas, Thanks for letting us know! Could I ask you to please make these direction changes in Map Creator?
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intersection in wrong location off of highway. needs to move southwest
Ingrid HERE
Ingrid HERE Hi Tony, We have fixed the reported issue. Thank you for this feedback!
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