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how long to review?
Mihael Trankovski
Mihael Trankovski Hello, look image, Thank you.
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Confirming other peoples' changes in Map Creator
Robert Joop
Robert Joop For example, when Map Creator asks me whether a road should be removed, how am I supposed to judge the change when it does not highlight the road in question? Also, the "edit" pencil there doesn't se
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Kernel Training
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I can’t find Japan or South Korea in map download
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Road types
Владимир Гальченко
Владимир Гальченко I mean another problem. Map creator does not have one road type in the edit panel. Highway is a pink road. Local access is a bright-yellow road. Residential is a white road. Pedestrian is a grey road
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Write custom POI's to SD card ?
Peter Lord
Peter Lord Ah, okay, many thanks. Out of interest what is the reason ? Is hafsz proprietary ? Or, maybe, hafsz doesn't come from HERE ? Is there any other way I can upload kml/gpx files and get them to appear
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Symbol for EV charging station
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Hi Tom and Martin, thank you, we will discuss this propoasal internally and see if we can change the icon.
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add OpenStreetMap as background layer
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Thank you for this proposal. We will discuss this internally.
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Speed cameras
Denis Piksasov
Denis Piksasov Hello. I’m using here maps with speed cameras in my new Volvo XC90. How can I move the camera to the other side of the road which will be correct position for it
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How can I become a HERE Moderator for Nepal?
Pitambar Bhattarai
Pitambar Bhattarai @ Pritam Purohit, Thank you very much for getting me and I appreciate your ideas which is been shared in the forum. But, I could't correct the geometry of road feature in Nepal. Do you and anyone in t
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Chateau de Montcaud
Pierre-Yves Philippe
Pierre-Yves Philippe Bonjour Le Château de Montcaud est maintenat à jour. Merci et bonne Journée PY
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Does everything you save become public?
Pritam Purohit
Pritam Purohit Hello, yours edits are not directly published to public it has a verification process after the verification it is been updated and you get a mail regarding it.
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Kosovo sub-forum
Milica Cica
Milica Cica Hi Partin, Yes, for sure, just send me email to with request to access database in Kosovo. Best regards, Milica
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Add place attributes to kml file ?
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